Sunday, 3 September 2017

Opotiki toddler pulls boiling oil onto himself

A toddler in Opotiki, Bay of Plenty has been hospitalized after accidentally pulling a pot full of boiling hot oil all over himself.
The three-year-old suffered serious burns to the face and upper body after the accident at around 1 pm on Sunday. He and his mother were taken to Waikato hospital by a rescue helicopter, where he is getting specialist treatment.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Woman trapped in overturned car for 11 hours reunites with rescuers

A woman was driving in her car near Taumaranui it was an icy frozen road. She was trying to slow down and all of a sudden she had crashed into a power pole and her head was squished up against the roof. She hit her head and she doesn't remember anything. The woman tried to get attention from cars passing by but no one stopped. She heard a car coming past so she screamed with all her might and it went straight past it was destroying. It was just so hard. She went to sleep once she woke up she heard fantails and I was just about ready to go she was so cold and very tired she couldn't really hang on much longer. So she said to the birds okay in going to sleep you go and tell somebody I'm just going to sleep. That's when Ricky Balloch pulled over in his and prepared the rest of his team to for the worst. Ricky said I hope you guys are ready for this but we might see a dead body here but after yelling out he heard someone yelling back. It was one of the best sounds I've ever heard. The woman said I knew it would be okay.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Sea turtles

Sea turtles have been around since the jurassic years that is when dinosaurs were around which was 150,000 million years ago.The females go out of the water and dig a big hole with their back flippers it takes a long time. The mother goes back into the water and waits for them to hatch. 1000 eggs were a size of a ping pong ball. 800 hatched 400 crawl to sea 200 keep swimming 20 adults to lay eggs without human interference 2 with adult interference.  

Now you know what a sea turtle is and about it

Thursday, 11 May 2017

My Lunch

WOW!!! I have chips as crunchy as a snail shell but they taste like chicken. Mmmmm!That was good. My biscuits are as hard as a piece of cardboard. It moves around in my mouth. Ohhh! They are so crunchy as well. My sandwiches is as soft as a slug. Mmm! Can’t wait to eat all my food.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Egg and ping-pong ball Race


.ping-pong ball

How to play
1. Grab the spoon and the ping pong ball                                                         
2. Put the ping pong ball on the ovel part on the spoon                                    
3. Hold the handle with 1 hand and put the other hand by your side                   
4. Start walking to the end of the field                                                      
5. Go round the cone and come back
6. Then put your hand back down by your side
7. Walk back and give the spoon and ball to the organizers 
8. If your a senior and you drop the ball you are out. (year 4-6)
9. If you are a Junior you get 2 chances. (year 0-3)
10. At the end if you don't drop the ball you get a prize

11. No fighting
12. Cheer for people
13. No taking peoples turn
14. Keep taking turns
15. No making fun of people when they lose
16. No annoying people
17. Listen to the organizers
18. No pushing/tripping
19. All ages
20. Be honest
21.Max 6 people
22.Be respectful